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X-Vir (Entecavir) is used as an antiviral treatment for patients suffering from a chronic hepatitis B infection. It is classified as a nucleoside analog, and it works by stopping the spread of the virus. Because it can inhibit an enzyme called viral DNA polymerase, it is able to prevent the spread and proliferation of the virus. This can help to reduce the overall amount of the virus present in the body, while also helping to lessen damage to the liver.

Dosage and Administration
X-Vir (Entecavir) is administered orally. It comes as either 0.5mg or 1mg strength tablets. Your physician will be responsible for deciding the right dosage. Adults treating hepatitis B who are deemed to be nucleoside therapy naive may be directed to take 0.5mg once per day. However, some patients may be directed to take 1mg per day (usually in cases of mutations of the virus that are resistance to lamivudine or otherwise difficult to treat). Patients must strictly comply with the instructions given by their physician.

Side effects
The use of X-Vir (Entecavir) could cause side effects. Tell the physician providing medical care if this happens. Some possible examples are given here:

  •     Diarrhea
  •     Headaches
  •     Digestive discomfort
  •     Sleepy or fatigued feeling
  •     Nausea, possibly resulting in vomiting

Although the majority of side effects caused by this medicine are less serious in nature, there is a possibility that some patients will be affected by reactions which are significantly more serious. You must attend the hospital or see your physician straight away if you are affected by coldness, persistent vomiting, feeling weak or any other serious side effects not mentioned here.

Serious conditions including hepatomegaly and lactic acidosis are known to have occurred in some patients treated with X-Vir (Entecavir) for their condition. Discuss this with your physician before starting therapy.

This medication will not cure the infection, and you will need continuous medical treatment in order to manage your condition.